Thanks to CEFA AMS, ANA was awarded by Japan’s Ministry of Economy & Tokyo Stock Exchange!

ANA Holding was selected as “2018 Competitive Information Technology Strategy Company” thanks to the implementation of CEFA AMS

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is the launch customer of CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services), the first service worldwide enabling pilots to replay their flights on their tablets right after landing. Japan’s largest air carrier was proven right to be the first to use this app: Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) named ANA HOLDING, the airline parent company, “2018 Competitive Information Technology (IT) Strategy Company” in the air transportation category on 30 May 2018.

 Japan is strongly promoting Society 5.0 and is therefore encouraging companies to move forward to establish the Japanese digital transformation program.  METI and TSE selected, under the Competitive IT Strategy Company Stock Selection program, companies with outstanding efforts in IT and

digital utilization. ANA HOLDING was chosen for three initiatives: the first one is the introduction of CEFA AMS among the airlines’ 3000 pilots.

3000 pilots users and a strongly positive feedback

CEFA Aviation officially launched this breakthrough innovation  at the Dubai Airshow 2017, while ANA Group had been using it since March 2017. Japanese call the concept “Furikaeri,” or “looking back into one’s behavior.” After more than one year, pilots’ feedback is strongly positive: an internal survey shows that 88+% of pilots find CEFA Aviation’s app useful for performance review and safety enhancement. Tens of thousands of video animations have been downloaded so far.

CEFA AMS recognized as a key success factor for the competitivity in digital transformation

Hideo Morioka, Senior Director Safety Promotion and Flight Data Analysis, who carried on the project, gives the feedback that: “CEFA AMS contributes to the emergence of a new culture of learning and communication.” Now, METI and TSE recognize that is vital for Japanese companies to take strategic and competitive IT investment that contribute to improve mid- to long-term corporate value, fortifying competitiveness and stimulating digital transformation – especially nowadays, as rapid advances in IT are transforming industrial structures and business models at an unprecedented pace.

The announcement was made during an event held on 30 May 2018 in Tokyo, the fourth selection since its inauguration. Dominique Mineo, CEO & Founder of CEFA Aviation, says: “We are extremely proud and happy for our faithful customer to receive such a prestigious recognition – and we feel recognized as well. All Nippon Airways is our customer since 2015, and the airline is one of the biggest users of our flight data animation software, CEFA FAS. Thanks to our strong mutual trust, it was natural to implement together CEFA AMS project. I want to thank all the people involved in this innovation again: as this award proves that it was worth it! Together, we are deeply committed in making the sky safer, and digital transformation is a great lever for this with CEFA AMS / Furikaeri.”

To learn more, read ANA’s press release here.

Download the press release (EN) here.

Download the photos of the ceremony here: whole group photo – photo on stage – close up