Why do CEFA Aviation 100+ clients trust our flight data animation software?

CEFA Aviation’s flight data animation premium products and services are used by 100+ clients on all five continents for multiple purposes but with one finality: making the sky safer.

CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) is for instance used to analyze flights by the safety departments (FDM/FOQA teams) and to reduce risks by better understanding what happens during difficult flights. Moreover, when safety teams and pilots get together, but also managers, there is a common language. Flight data animations show facts that truly happened, without the bias of memories, like with CEFA AMS. CEFA FAS is also very useful to make videos of best or unadapted practices, for instance, to show particularly specific airport approaches to pilots.

What are the advantages of working with CEFA Aviation’s software? Listen to the first source of information: our faithful clients.

Testimonials from airlines about CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services)


The signing of this 6-year agreement with CEFA Aviation marks the beginning of the next chapter in Ryanair pilot training. CEFA Aviation’s flight replay will set new standards for delivering constructive feedback to our crews in a way that would have been impossible to imagine without the innovative approach to secure data processing that has been delivered by CEFA Aviation’s team.”

“We see the CEFA AMS flight replay facility as a natural progression to the existing operational and safety reporting tools already provided to Ryanair crews. Over the next 12 months we will monitor pilot performance based on an agreed set of KPI’s to ensure that our pilots not only deliver to the highest standards of safety and efficiency in the industry but set new standards of excellence for the years ahead.”

Captain Ray Conway, Director of Flight Standards & Chief Pilot, Ryanair

“The implementation of CEFA Aviation’s world first mobile service testifies Ryanair’s innovative strength as well as our strong desire to lead the shift of the pilot training paradigm as advocated by EASA. Our airline has high hopes for CEFA AMS which integrates into our world-leading OFDM (Operational Flight Data Monitoring) system that was adopted fleet-wide in 2004. The CEFA AMS flight replay facility app is a milestone in our endeavors to enhance our pilots’ proficiency. It is the perfect match with our unique OFDM replay facility in our fleet of Fixed Base Simulators. We are proud to initiate a change designed to revolutionize not only the debriefing and training culture within the company, but also for European aviation, thus making the sky safer.”

“Training to the highest standards of safety and efficiency is, and always has been a top priority for Ryanair. Our focus on safety is unrelenting. Our pilots are among the best in the business and our 34-year safety record speaks for itself .”

Captain Andy O’Shea, Head of Crew Training, Ryanair

Captain Andy O’Shea, Head of Crew Training - Ryanair
All Nippon Airways
All Nippon Airways
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CEFA AMS could be the new style of self-training which is the most beneficial for airlines and pilots. I believe that this service gives opportunities of new communication within crews and between crew and instructors just after their flight. CEFA AMS contributes to the mergence of a new culture of learning and communication.

Hideo Morioka, Senior Director Safety Promotion and Flight Data Analysis - All Nippon Airways

Testimonials from airlines about CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System)


An important advantage of CEFA FAS is that it is very reactive and quick. Flight data animation allows us to recognize and analyze a lot more information about previous flights in a very short time. When we only look at graphs from our Flight Data Monitoring system, it is difficult to see and interpret so many data at once. Now with CEFA FAS, we can live again the flight as if we were in the pilot’s skin and make sure not to miss any detail.

Captain Juan Carlos Gonzalez Curzio, SVP Flight Safety - AEROMEXICO

Besides using CEFA FAS for aviation experts, I found that it also helps for an audience which has no aviation-expertise at all. Visualising the data supports everybody’s understanding and creates a shared ‘mental model’. And CEFA is clearly the gold standard when it comes to FDM visualization!

Julian Oehling, Flight Safety Specialist, Airline Pilot - Lufthansa
Jin Air

We like the variety of features included in the software that enhances the communication within the airline. Among others, we like the possibility to overlap the trajectory of a plane and the nav chart. The animation video created through the software is a very realistic and helpful basis for pilot training.

Hyun Su Park, Director of Safety & Security Department - Jin Air
Kalitta Air

Kalitta Companies can handle virtually anything – flying freight, pilot training, providing MRO maintenance, and everything in between. Each subsidiary of the group uses high end technology such as full motion flight simulators and 3D Engineering Computer software to name a few. So it was obvious to use the best-in-class service in our safety department to animate and that way, better analyze flight data.

Heath Nicoll, Director of Airline Safety - Kalitta Air
Air France

To a great team and an efficient tool! Because safety will always be our top priority, we’ve chosen to work with the best!

Florian Daubos and Stéphan Uhlrich, FDM - Air France
Air Astana

CEFA FAS is an efficient tool optimizing dialogs around safety within our airline. It is effective to demonstrate outcome of flight parameters as identified by flight data to crew, trainers and management alike to produce animations. Particularly multi close proximity events but even for taxi incursions and errors, while simultaneously follow the nav charts while replaying a flight, or check the METAR*!

Mikhail Batayev, Senior Manager Safety Compliance Flight Operations, and Arman Donsebayev, Manager Safety Performance Flight Operations - Air Astana

Testimonials from investigation bureaus about CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System)


We chose the CEFA FAS software because it meets all our requirements. Primarily, animating the flight data will make it easier for us to communicate the results of our investigations, which is an integral part of our missions. With CEFA FAS, we will be able to create better reconstructions of the flights we analyse and understand faster what caused the problems by highlighting the sequence of the pilots’ actions and the technical incidents and faults.

Rémi Jouty, Director - BEA

Testimonials about CEFA FAS flight data animation training

Vietnam Airlines

We are happy and very delighted to join CEFA FAS training course. Thank you for your knowledge and experience that was delivered to our Vietnam Airlines team. We hope we will have the chance to visit CEFA Aviation for another training course in Colmar, a beautiful city, in the near future.

Thi Hong Khanh Tran - Vietnam Airlines
China Southern Airlines

The training is very good; we are now good at using this software! The tutor is very experienced. CEFA FAS is an excellent software for MRO engineers. With the help of this software, we can easily visualize the failure events of the aircraft.

Zhang Dunyu, China Southern Engineering and Maintenance - China Southern Airlines

Thank you very much for the excellent training! Yannick was an EXCELLENT trainer!

Thomas, Germanwings / Eurowings - Eurowings
Allegiant Air

Thanks very much for the excellent hospitality and training!

Captain Justin Lopez, Allegiant Air - Allegiant Air

22 years of expertise in flight data animation. 

We help airlines around the world to make the sky safer, reach for flight safety & pilot training excellence!

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