Le BEA fait confiance à l’expertise CEFA Aviation ! (French version)

Décollage réussi en 2018 pour CEFA Aviation ! L'éditeur de logiciels alsacien remporte l'appel d'offres du Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la sécurité de l'aviation civile française avec son logiciel d'animation des données de vol CEFA FAS.

BEA places its trust in CEFA Aviation! (English version)

CEFA Aviation got off to a flying start in 2018! Starting this year, its CEFA FAS Flight Animation System will be the software used by BEA, the bureau of investigation and analysis for French civil aviation safety, which is known the world over for its reliable air accident and incident investigations

CEFA Aviation awarded with the Great Export Trophy by the International Chamber of Commerce

The company was recognized in the Great Export category at the French International Chamber of Commerce’s 21st Export Trophies ceremony on December 14th, 2017 near Strasbourg, France.
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A world premiere: Pilot training feedback right after landing with CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services)

A first in the aviation industry, CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services) will enable enhanced situational and operational awareness for aircrews by delivering feedback right after landing, depicting selected flight segments on a tablet computer secure connection.

Pilot training: a breakthrough innovation unveiled at Dubai Airshow!

CEFA Aviation chose the Dubai Airshow to unveil a world premiere: a new mobile service for pilot training. With this innovation, each flight becomes a training opportunity...
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