American Airlines Extends Use of CEFA Aviation’s EFB Flight Replay to More Than 15,000 Pilots

American Airlines, a leading worldwide airline, has announced the extension of CEFA Aviation's EFB Flight Replay (CEFA-AMS) to its 15,000 pilots following a successful program on its wide-body fleets.
By CEFA Aviation - Apr 16, 2024

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Colmar, France, April 16, 2024American Airlines, a leading worldwide airline, has announced the extension of CEFA Aviation’s EFB Flight Replay (CEFA-AMS) to its 15,000 pilots following a successful program on its wide-body fleets.

In 2022, American Airlines became the first U.S. airline to implement CEFA-AMS, an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application designed to enable pilots to virtually replay and review flight performance on their EFB tablets post-landing for debriefing and training purposes. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, the airline will expand the utilization of this innovative tool across its entire pilot workforce and fleets.

CEFA Aviation, renowned for its expertise in flight visualization using real-world flight recorder data, developed CEFA-AMS to allow pilots and flight operating crews to replay virtual recreations of their flights within minutes after landing.

Regarding this significant milestone, CEFA Aviation CEO and Founder Dominique Mineo expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted by American’s decision to extend the use of CEFA-AMS to its entire pilot cadre. This extension is an additional layer to bolster flight safety and is a testament to the airline’s commitment to its pilots.”

Capt. John DeLeeuw, Managing Director of Safety and Efficiency at American Airlines, remarked, “Driving aviation safety forward is in our airline’s and each and every American Airlines pilot’s DNA. The extension of CEFA-AMS builds on our strong foundation, leveraging cutting-edge technology to further enhance pilot training and drive operational excellence. We are confident this tool will contribute significantly to our collaborative safety initiatives in partnership with the Allied Pilots Association.”

Capt. Paul Fitzgerald, Allied Pilots Association Deputy Safety Chair (FOQA) and lead Gatekeeper added, “Implementation of this new capability is the result of a collaboration between the Allied Pilots Association, American Airlines and CEFA Aviation. The utilization of CEFA-AMS vastly increases the impact of our FOQA data and represents a pivotal step forward in our safety enhancement efforts. It provides our pilots with valuable insights and timely post- flight analysis capabilities, further bolstering our commitment to safety.”

Photo credit American Airlines (from left) – Capt. John DeLeeuw, Managing Director of Safety and Efficiency, and Capt. Paul Fitzgerald, Allied Pilots Association Deputy Safety Chair (FOQA) and lead Gatekeeper.

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CEFA Aviation has provided animation services for recorded flight data for over 23 years. The industry recognizes its animation tool as an exceptional solution for airlines and accident investigation agencies.

CEFA-AMS is an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) application that leverages CEFA Aviation’s expertise and the latest technical solutions in the aviation industry. The application provides pilots with access to accurate and detailed flight animations. This data helps them analyze individual and crew performance, especially during dynamic situations or critical moments that require review. The tool is invaluable for crews because it produces factual evidence for debriefings. The animation also provides a fully immersive experience featuring a realistic cockpit interface. As an alternate option to the animation, pilots can access performance data via performance graphs for an in-depth analysis of sequences of actions and metrics.

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About CEFA Aviation

CEFA Aviation, a privately owned French company, offers cutting-edge flight data animation solutions for enhancing commercial airline flight safety and pilot training. Backed by 23 years of experience, the company’s engineering and aviation experts have designed innovative solutions that simulate intricate and precise flights using data from aircraft flight recorders.

Over 100 major and regional airlines, cargo operators, and investigative authorities on five continents use the company’s core application, CEFA Flight Animation Software (FAS), for pilot training and safety analysis. Translating flight data into precise visualization requires an in-depth understanding of aircraft systems and software engineering complexity. CEFA Aviation has pioneered easy-to-use flight data animation since Dominique Mineo founded the company in 2000. Its long-lasting success results from a passion for aviation and innovation, listening to clients, and delivering gold-standard support. CEFA Aviation is headquartered in Colmar, France.

At the Dubai Airshow 2017, CEFA Aviation unveiled a breakthrough visualization tool to enhance further and personalize pilot training: CEFA Aviation Mobile Services (AMS).

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