CEFA Aviation Secures First Eastern European Contract with LOT Polish Airlines

CEFA Aviation Secures First Eastern European Contract with LOT Polish Airlines to provide CEFA Flight Animation Software.
By Dominique Mineo - Jan 10, 2024

CEFA Aviation-LOT Polish Airlines ContractAward 2024

Photo credit: CEFA Aviation/Rafal Pruszkowski

Colmar, France, January 10, 2024

CEFA Aviation announced today that it has signed an initial three-year contract with LOT Polish Airlines to provide CEFA Flight Animation Software (FAS), marking its first contract in Central and Eastern Europe. This state-of-the-art software will significantly improve LOT’s ability to investigate air incidents and accidents.

Using CEFA FAS, LOT will have access to advanced flight animation capabilities that recreate flights using synthetic 3D imaging, incorporating crucial data from flight recorders. This powerful software offers a comprehensive suite of investigation tools, empowering the airline’s investigators to gain a comprehensive understanding of events and their root causes.

“LOT Polish Airlines is making an impressive headway in the modernization of its analysis and investigation capabilities with CEFA FAS,” said Dominique Mineo, CEO and founder of CEFA Aviation. “Our advanced animation software enables investigators to analyze incidents faster and more efficiently, resulting in well-informed decision-making and effective actions to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.”

LOT Polish Airlines recognizes the significant advantages of CEFA’s software in decision-making and flight safety. Captain Grzegorz Mikuła, Deputy Director of Safety for LOT Polish Airlines, stated, “CEFA’s software enables investigators and pilots to comprehend operational risks and take remedial actions faster and more efficiently. This aligns with the company’s commitment to improving flight safety for passengers and operations.”

CEFA FAS is a highly valued tool utilized by over 100 airlines globally, spanning diverse aviation domains such as flight data analysis, pilot training, Flight Operational Quality Assurance/Flight Data Monitoring event validation, flight incident and accident investigations, safety awareness training, and beyond. This software offers realistic visual representations, leveraging type-specific cockpits, advanced flight instrument panels, 3D views of the aircraft, and terrain and scenery, enabling the recreation of any flight phase or occurrence with remarkable accuracy.

CEFA Aviation’s partnership with LOT Polish Airlines is a significant milestone in expanding its market reach and reinforces its commitment to advancing flight safety in Eastern Europe and worldwide.


About CEFA Aviation

CEFA Aviation, a privately-owned French company, offers cutting-edge flight data animation solutions for enhancing commercial airline flight safety and pilot training, bolstered by 23 years of experience. The company’s engineering and aviation experts have designed innovative solutions that simulate intricate and precise flights by utilizing data retrieved from aircraft flight recorders.

Over 100 major and regional airlines, cargo operators, and investigative authorities on five continents use the company’s core application, CEFA Flight Animation Software (FAS), for pilot training and safety analysis. Translating flight data into precise visualization requires an in-depth understanding of aircraft systems and software engineering complexity. CEFA Aviation has pioneered easy-to-use flight data animation since Dominique Mineo founded the company in 2000. Its long-lasting success results from a passion for aviation and innovation, listening to clients, and delivering gold-standard support. CEFA Aviation is headquartered in Colmar, France.

At the Dubai Airshow 2017, CEFA Aviation unveiled a breakthrough visualization tool to enhance further and personalize pilot training: CEFA Aviation Mobile Services (AMS).

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About LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines, established in 1929, is one of the world’s 12 longest-standing airlines. With a modern and technologically advanced fleet, they offer comfortable and safe travel, connecting Warsaw with airports across Europe, North America, and Asia.

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