Vueling signs up with flight data animation company CEFA Aviation

Vueling has chosen the leading flight visualization software CEFA FAS to meet their flight safety needs and enhance pilot training.
By CEFA Aviation - Nov 30, 2021

Vueling signs up with flight data animation company CEFA Aviation

Spain’s full-service carrier continues to invest in its capability to ensure safe operations. CEFA FAS will allow the airline’s flight safety department to easily translate aircraft data into meaningful animation to analyze flights better.


“Safety is naturally considered to be an absolute priority at Vueling. We are confident that by choosing CEFA FAS software, we have taken a big step to ensure we remain safe while continuing to develop our network,”  said Captain Manuel Ortega, Head of Safety.


Over the years, CEFA FAS software has become a must to any airline wanting to improve Safety. Among its many benefits, it supports crews to gain better familiarity with terrains. Especially in these critical times of reduced flying activity and skills erosion, flight animations produced by CEFA FAS can help mitigate unstable approaches at hotspots identified through FDM.


Dominique Mineo, CEO and founder of CEFA Aviation, declared: “We are very proud that Vueling has placed its trust in us. We are delighted to work with such a major airline in Spain who chose our solution to enhance its flight safety”.


Vueling joins a long list of operators who have chosen to complement their FDM/FOQA program with CEFA Aviation’s advanced flight animation software.


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