With the recent changes with some of the software vendors out there, we are pleased to offer customers utilizing other systems an easy way to transition to our industry leading Flight Animation System. Our technical team will be pleased to work with you to ensure a seamless transition.
Here are some of the benefits:

  • Our library includes all major aircraft types
  • Complete instrumentation for new aircraft are now available: A350, B787, B747-8I and B747-8F to name a few
  • Ability to highlight instruments/indications to show exceedance or inappropriate configuration
  • Animated hand to highlight pilot actions
  • Automatic METAR download
  • Audio warnings and engine sounds
  • Automatic satellite imagery download (includes the whole world)
  • Plan and profile view with ability for quick trajectory adjustments
  • Ability to handshake with any 3rd party FDM provider and display the detected events right in the animation
  • Navigation charts or satellite images with superimposed trajectory
  • Ability to handle Raw Binary Data formats
  • Window 10 compatible
  • User driven product roadmap
  • Exceptional Support

Please contact us today for a demonstration and also find out about our competitive pricing offer.