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CEFA AMS, the experience accelerator…

Since introducing CEFA AMS, we have been looking at how modern tools can influence the learning curve of trainees...
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Ryanair chooses CEFA AMS!

Europe's No. 1 airline becomes a new client of the only app in the world allowing pilots to replay their flights on their tablet right after landing: CEFA AMS. - Ryanair becomes the 1st airline in Europe to introduce the breakthrough innovation developed by CEFA Aviation - The low cost carrier operating 142 M passengers per year will implement the cloud-based service CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services) among some hundreds of pilots - The airline sets “high hopes” to enhance pilot training efficiency thanks to CEFA AMS

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Safety-II: the brand new concept of the “complex” Swiss Cheese Model 2/2

Here is the 2nd part of Captain Pierre Wannaz blog article about the Swiss Cheese Model. Pilot training and pilot debriefing are some linchpins of flight safety. Let’s discuss openly this subject before the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) 2019 with this new blog series published every Tuesday!

New office opening in China! CEFA中国开业啦!

CEFA Aviation opens an office in China! From now on, all clients and partners in this country as well as in Hong Kong and in Taiwan have a new contact person dedicated to them at their disposal. The company is pleased to introduce Jiming HE, Managing Director for this area.