CEFA FAS features & technology summary

Overview of our flight data animation functionalities & modules



(Flight Animation System)

Cockpit :

  • Automatic panoramic display across 1 up to 3 screens.
  • Very realistic image display of instruments with zoom/positioning.
  • Cockpit layout change.
  • Possibility to display animated hands to highlight possible crew actions.
  • Etc.

3D view

  • Interior/exterior views and multiple cameras.
  • Highly-realistic A/C model with animated flight controls and airline livery.
  • Weather condition reconstruction from METAR information.
  • Flight path /ILS cone.
  • Multiple aircraft/trajectory capabilities.
  • Google Earth export.
  • Fully-animated control surfaces (flaps/slats, spoilers, landing gears etc.).
  • Loading high-resolution topographical and satellite-imagery data.
  • Animated text editor (CVR transcript, airline procedures, commentaries etc.)
  • Etc.

2D plan & profile views

  • Automatic Flight path adjustment.
  • Toolkit for manual flight path adjustment.
  • Distance calculation.
  • Etc.

Navigation chart viewer:

  • Automatic Flight path overlay
  • Chart Import wizard for easy geo-referencing
  • Etc.

Montage station and video recording (produce an animation in just a few clicks)

  • Toolkit for creating complex animation sequences.
  • Integrated Video recorder (DivX, H264, WMV9 etc.)
  • Etc.

Plotting Module for flight parameter plotting/spreadsheet.
Integrated audio alarm generator ( GPWS, TCAS etc.).
Import and replay of synchronize external audio files (CVR, Commentaries, etc.).
Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows XP.


And much, much more…