CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System): the high-end flight data animation

Comprehensive understanding of flights & highly detailed flight visualization

CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) is a proven, advanced, flight-data animation package that can run as a stand-alone solution by reading raw binary data or by interfacing with most of the available Flight Data Monitoring or Analysis software on the market.

It is advantagously used in the area of flight data analysis and pilot training:

  • to validate and investigate FOQA events.
  • to investigate aircraft incidents or accidents.
  • to raise leadership and pilots awareness to safety concerns.
  • to train line pilots by sharing lived experiences or for (tricky) airport familiarization.
  • to deal with manufacturers and authorities.
  • to produce animations videos that can be replayed on any mobile device and PC.
  • etc.


In just a few clicks of a mouse, it takes flight data and turns it into meaningful information that everyone can easily understand and use. CEFA FAS instantly shows each moment in an aircraft’s flight, and thus provides a clear, precise image of the complex chain of events that occur during an incident or an accident – without compromise, assumption or any imagined interpretation.

With its advanced and innovative features, it is also widely used for communication and pilot training needs through experience feedback.

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CEFAview – Viewer


(Flight Animation System)

Flexible and interactive, CEFAview retains numerous functionalities of CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System).

It displays highly detailed images, ideal for remote or on-site analyses. It also enables classroom projection of video sequences, notably to familiarize crews with the topography of tricky airports for which access is reputed to be difficult.

The CEFA Flight Animation System “viewer” (CEFAview) installs indifferently on a portable or desktop computer. This way, you immediately replay binary files, exported from the main CEFA FAS station.