CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System): the high-end flight data animation software

Comprehensive understanding of flights & highly detailed flight visualization

CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) is a proven, advanced, flight-data animation package that can run as a stand-alone solution by reading raw binary data or by interfacing with most of the available Flight Data Monitoring or Analysis software on the market.

It is advantagously used in the area of flight data analysis and pilot training:

  • to validate and investigate FOQA events
  • to investigate aircraft incidents or accidents
  • to raise leadership and pilots awareness to safety concerns
  • to train line pilots by sharing lived experiences or for (tricky) airport familiarization
  • to deal with manufacturers and authorities
  • to produce animations videos that can be replayed on any mobile device and PC
  • etc.


In just a few clicks of a mouse, it takes flight data and turns it into meaningful information that everyone can easily understand and use. CEFA FAS instantly shows each moment in an aircraft’s flight, and thus provides a clear, precise image of the complex chain of events that occur during an incident or an accident – without compromise, assumption or any imagined interpretation.

With its advanced and innovative features, it is also widely used for communication and pilot training needs through experience feedback.

Computer with CEFA FAS


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(Flight Animation System)


Features & technology summary

Overview of our flight data animation functionalities & modules


  • Automatic panoramic display across 1 up to 3 screens
  • Very realistic image display of instruments with zoom/positioning
  • Cockpit layout change
  • Possibility to display animated hands to highlight possible crew actions
  • Etc.

3D view

  • Interior/exterior views and multiple cameras
  • Highly-realistic A/C model with animated flight controls and airline livery
  • Weather condition reconstruction from METAR information
  • Flight path /ILS cone
  • Multiple aircraft/trajectory capabilities
  • Google Earth export
  • Fully-animated control surfaces (flaps/slats, spoilers, landing gears etc.)
  • Loading high-resolution topographical and satellite-imagery data
  • Animated text editor (CVR transcript, airline procedures, commentaries etc.)
  • Etc.

2D plan & profile views

  • Automatic Flight path adjustment
  • Toolkit for manual flight path adjustment
  • Distance calculation
  • Etc.

Navigation chart viewer:

  • Automatic Flight path overlay
  • Chart Import wizard for easy geo-referencing
  • Etc.

Montage station and video recording (produce an animation in just a few clicks)

  • Toolkit for creating complex animation sequences
  • Integrated Video recorder (DivX, H264, WMV9 etc.)


  • Plotting Module for flight parameter plotting/spreadsheet
  • Integrated audio alarm generator ( GPWS, TCAS etc.)
  • Import and replay of synchronize external audio files (CVR, Commentaries, etc.)
  • Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows XP

And much, much more…