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Qatar Airways, new client of CEFA Aviation!

Skytrax world's best airline 2019* enters the CEFA FAS users' community! The renowned Qatari flag carrier Qatar Airways, operating more than 250 aircraft, have signed up with the flight data animation company CEFA Aviation to better analyze its flights

Flight data for pilots: a great plus to enhance flight safety

In this new blog article for the opening day if EATS 2019, Captain Pierre is exploring further why some pilots develop own techniques which get sometimes out of the SOPs or present a risk. He explains how Evidence Based Training (EBT) can be linked to flight data animation.

Premium software CEFA FAS to animate flight data by Pegasus Airlines

CEFA Aviation signs a new contract: The Istanbul-based Pegasus Airlines becomes a new client. The leading low-cost airline of the country now uses the high-end software CEFA FAS to strengthen flight safety by visualizing the data issued from the flights

“Digital Age Debriefing 2.0”: How to consequently improve the quality of debriefing

In this new blog article, Pierre is completing his concept of "Digital Age Debriefing 2.0". There is a revolution to be started for better trained pilots, who need in the current context a real experience accelerator – thanks to animations. Let's discuss before EATS 2019!
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Is there a pilot onboard the plane?

In this article, Captain Wannaz expresses his point of view on an article published in Forbes last month, explaining the ins and outs of single-pilot aircraft.