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Come & meet us in Shanghai – a new take-off in China!

CEFA Aviation opens an office in China!

Jiming HE, named Managind Director for the new office founded in China for CEFA Aviation

From now on, all clients and partners in this country as well as in Hong Kong and in Taiwan have a new contact person dedicated to them at their disposal. The company is pleased to introduce

Jiming HE 何继明

as Managing Director for this area.

Welcome Jiming!

Jiming HE will further establish CEFA Aviation in China. He acquired both a technical and a business experience during 10 years in Beijing and in Shanghai. After graduating from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Jiming worked for several aviation companies but also for the IT industry.

China, a staple of aviation

“I am really enthusiastic to go for this new challenge hand in hand with Chinese aviation companies and organizations, which are driving global aviation markets with increasing passenger numbers. CEFA Aviation has a strong reputation of expertise and professionalism in the field of flight safety, and now in pilot training. Now I am happy to contribute to further develop this 20-year-old company in the Chinese booming market and thus, make the sky safer.”


Dominique Mineo, CEO and founder of CEFA Aviation, explains that “If there is one country where we definitely wanted to establish ourselves strongly, it is China. We are glad to have our first full-time managing director outside Europe here. With more than 40% of our customers based in Asia and most of them in China, our company is preparing for a rapid growth. Jiming He is a key element of success for this. The Chinese air transport industry’s sales growth is forecast to grow at an average annual rate of 11.3% over the next four years – a pace that is even above the Asia-Pacific regional average growth rate*.”

*Source: Shukor Yusof, an aviation expert at Endau Analytics, told DW.com

Contact us in Shanghai!

  • Do you wish to know more about flight data animation, safety, investigation & pilot training solutions?
  • Are you curious about the world premiere app to replay your flights right after landing?
  • Are you interested in one of our trainings to become an expert in animating data from flight recorders?

Feel free to contact Jiming!

Phone: +86 180 1860 6096
Mail: jiming.he@cefa-aviation.com
WeChat: bryancc
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanhe
Contact hours: from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 (local time)
Address: Shanghai Maxdo Center
Room 4313
No. 8, Xing Yi Road
Changning District
Shanghai | 200336 | China

>> Download here the press release in English (PDF)
>> Download here the press release in Chinese (PDF)
>> Download here the photo of Jiming HE (high res)
>> Download here the Shanghai skyline photo (high res)



drapeau chinois Chinese flag CEFA Aviation 进军中国,在欧洲以外地区开设第一家办事处!

  • 航空软件开发商CEFA Aviation是一家专门从事飞行安全与飞行员训练的公司。目前,该公司瞄准蓬勃发展的中国市场,在中国设立了欧洲以外的第一家办事处。
  • CEFA中国的总经理何继明先生主要负责服务中国大陆、中国香港和中国台湾的客户及潜在客户。


Jiming HE, named Managind Director for the new office founded in China for CEFA Aviation中国是航空业蓬勃发展的关键市场,随着CEFA Aviation公司的不断扩张,公司希望巩固在中国的市场地位。CEFA Aviation公司创始人兼首席执行官Dominique Mineo先生说到,“如果说有哪个国家是我们一定要大力拓展的,那肯定是中国。我们很高兴在中国部署了欧洲以外的第一位全职总经理。我们的客户有40%位于亚洲,而且大部分是在中国,我们正在为快速发展做好充分准备。何继明先生将常驻上海,这样能贴近我们的客户。他是确保我们团队成功的重要因素。未来四年,中国航空运输业的销售额预计将以年均11.3%的速度增长,这个速度甚至超过了亚太地区的平均增速。”




“我非常期待与中国各航空公司和机构携手迎接这一全新挑战。中国的航空公司和机构正以日益增长的乘客人数推动着全球航空市场的发展。CEFA Aviation公司在飞行安全专业知识与专业精神方面有着很高的声誉,目前在飞行员训练领域也声名鹊起。我很高兴有机会帮助这家拥有20年历史的公司进一步拓展繁荣的中国市场,为更加安全的空中飞行做出贡献。”


CEFA中国办事处是CEFA Aviation公司的全资子公司。CEFA Aviation公司的客户遍布5大洲,公司已经与各地的销售代表建立了合作。目前设立的子公司是一种全新的合作形式。CEFA中国办事处位于上海虹桥开发区万都中心。这座写字楼共有55层,是该地区最高的建筑,楼内还入驻着美国3M、日本NTN和芯讯通(Simcom)等知名公司。

*来源Shukor Yusof恩达乌分析公司Endau Analytics的航空专家DW.com