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What better way to learn about us than to listen to what others say? Here you can find a selection of some of the reports about our activity in different media – newspapers, magazines, web, TV…

Date Media Comment
17/05/2019 Simple Flying How Ryanair Is Becoming A Leader In New Technology (explanation of CEFA AMS)
16/05/2019 Aviation Week Ryanair to introduce pilots to flight replay tablet app
16/05/2019 Hispaviacion (Spanish) About Ryanair new client
16/05/2019 Italiavola (Italian) About Ryanair choosing CEFA AMS
16/05/2019 Aerosieger (German) Ryanair chooses CEFA AMS!
04-05/2019 LARA (see from page 33) Interview of Capt. Pierre Wannaz about smarter pilot training to meet demand
29/03/2019 Radio France Bleu Alsace (French) About CEFA AMS
20/03/2019 BIZ today About Air Astana selecting CEFA FAS
27/02/2019 The Journal for Civil Aviation Training (CAT) About the new office opening in China
24/01/2019 CAAS Cargo Airports & Airline Services About Kalitta Air now using CEFA FAS
04/12/2018 CARNOC (Chinese) About our Asiana Airlines using CEFA FAS 韩亚航空完成飞行品质监控系统阶段性管理
02/12/2018 The Korea Times About our training sessions at our clients’ headquarters
30/10/2018 Aviation Week About CEFA AMS
23/10/2018 The Journal for Civil Aviation Training (CAT) About ANA innovating with CEFA AMS (see issue #5/2018 page 46)
01/10/2018 Av Web About CEFA AMS
22/08/2018 India Strategic About CEFA FAS and our client CASTC
25/07/2018 Biz today About CEFA FAS and our client Jin Air
19/07/2018 BFM Business TV Interview of Dominique Mineo, CEO
01/07/2018 Orient Aviation About ANA and CEFA AMS
15/06/2018 We are Finn About ANA winning an award by the Minister for Economy & Tokyo Stock Exchange thanks to CEFA AMS
13/06/2018 Portrait de la semaine (ass. Casterot, French) About Dominique Mineo, CEO
16/05/2018 Les Echos (French)
About the company & CEFA AMS
13/04/2018 L’Usine Nouvelle (French)
About our recruitments
02/04/2018 Aviation Business ME About CEFA AMS
27/02/2018 AIN online About our partnership with GE Aviation
18/02/2018 Air Journal (French) About our partnership with GE Aviation
12/02/2018 Air&Cosmos International About the BEA selecting CEFA FAS
12/02/2018 La Tribune (French) About the company and CEFA AMS
20/12/2017 Aerocontact About the company and CEFA AMS
12/12/2017 FINN TV
Interview Dominique Mineo, CEO and Capt. Pierre Wannaz, Senior Advisor, about CEFA AMS
14/11/2017 Aviation Voice About CEFA AMS
13/11/2017 Le Journal de l’Aviation (French) About the company and CEFA AMS
13/11/2017 Arabian Aerospace Show Daily (see page 7) About CEFA AMS unveiled at the Dubai Airshow


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