Emirates selects CEFA Aviation’s flight data animation software

Emirates continues to enhance flight safety monitoring by choosing CEFA FAS, to visualize flights using extensive flight data to improve on flight safety standards and to create animations for flight crew training purposes.

Safety is integral to Emirates

“Safety is integral to Emirates’ core values and the cornerstone of all of our operations and practices. Our vision is to be the safest airline in the world for which Emirates will utilize the best tools available in the market,” states Capt Hassan Alhammadi, Divisional senior vice president of Flight Operations.

CEFA Aviation continues to expand its presence in the middle east

“Since its beginning Emirates has traced a path pursuing high quality and industry-leading services. Today we are proud to know that Emirates has chosen CEFA FAS, proof that we meet the market’s high standards and allowing CEFA Aviation to continue to expand its presence in the middle east,” explains Dominique Mineo, CEO and founder of CEFA Aviation.

CEFA FAS animation software can process a variety of complex forms of recorded flight data and information and display it dynamically and synthetically in a form that can be understood and shared by a wide audience within the aviation industry.

With the addition of CEFA FAS as an operational digital and technological tool, Emirates demonstrates its eagerness for continuous improvement.


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