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Is there a pilot onboard the plane?

In this article, Captain Wannaz expresses his point of view on an article published in Forbes last month, explaining the ins and outs of single-pilot aircraft.

Fill in your Electronic Flight Bag!

 To continue with the ins and outs of digitalization in aviation, the 3rd article of Captain Pierre Wannaz  for the opening day of APATS 2019 proposes ways of improvement through the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) which represents a great potential of enhancement for pilots’ performances.

Meet CEFA Aviation’s safety & pilot training experts in the 2nd semester 2019 at the next trade shows & aviation conferences!

Flight safety, pilot training and investigation: According to these 3 usage types of flight data animation, CEFA Aviation will attend 3 types of events in the 2nd semester 2019. Come and experience live CEFA Aviation’s flight animation products and services at APATS, EATS and IASS where we exhibit! Because there is no better way to discover all the advantages of flight data animation than a real-time demo...

Big data for pilots: how to exploit all the potential of this source of information to make it a real game changer in pilots’ awareness and performance improvement

For this article of Captain Pierre Wannaz from the 3rd blog series "a pilot's view" placed under the general theme of digitalization in aviation, Pierre completed and renewed some aspects of his article about big data.

Evidence Based Training: How to improve this concept in regular line operations

Evidence Based Training (EBT) is today on everyone’s lips. Before the 16th Asia Pacific Airline Training Summit (APATS) 2019, Captain Pierre Wannaz takes the initiative to raise again the discussion around some pilots’ training problematics in this blog “A pilot’s view”.