China’s Aviation Authority renews its trust in CEFA FAS for aircraft incident analysis!


China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology (CASTC) uses CEFA FAS and renews the contract to benefit from the support for the next 3 years

CAST LogoThe CASTC is the authority analyzing aviation incidents and accidents in China – among other missions. In order to better understand the causes of such events and enhance flight safety, it has decided to further use the support of CEFA Aviation through a contract for the next 3 years.

Enhancing flight safety by animating flight data with premium support

The CASTC has been using CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) for five years now. According to the CASTC team: “We would not want to continue using CEFA FAS without its support. Not because we have problems, but because we can thus make the best out of it. Furthermore, CEFA Aviation’s team is very reactive to give active support. What we also appreciate in CEFA FAS is the possibility to watch at the same time the animated flight and the graphs showing the evolution of many various flight parameters. We save a lot of time to better understand the different root causes of incidents!”

Investigating and analyzing the world’s fastest growing aviation market

Based in Beijing, the CASTC is the reference authority analyzing flights of the almost 3,000* aircraft in China. It is using the extended package of the software which includes highly detailed cockpits. In China, air traffic is booming: from 185 million air passengers in 2007, the country had more than 550 million air travelers in 2017**. In the next 20 years, China will need more than 7,000 new aircraft***. Belonging to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, CAAC, the CASTC is responsible for the R&D of the civil aviation industry and provides technical support for the civil aviation bureau when it comes to decision-making. It is also a technical advisor for airlines, civil airports, air traffic management institutions and aviation products factories.

Why is CEFA FAS support useful? More than a support…

Dominique Mineo, CEO and founder of CEFA Aviation, says: “With the CASTC placing its trust again in our services, we are really proud to contribute to China’s ambition of further improving flight safety with the highest levels of requirements. CASTC professionals are recognized aviation and data experts who use our software at a strongly advanced level.”

Why is CEFA FAS support useful as a complement to the software? It helps organizations to get the most out of the software: the support is not only meant to solve technical problems. The French company delivers a full service by helping companies to enrich the list of the animated flight parameters, enhancing their flight animations and making updates linked to the evolution of aircraft recording frames. As CEFA Aviation is led by continuous improvement and closely listens to its clients, the support also includes regular updates of the software, offering the latest features.

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*As of 2016: 2,950 aircraft, 2,818 commercial aircraft and 132 cargo. Source: Air Journal
** Source: Statista
*** According to a 2017 study by Boeing

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