CEFA Aviation awarded with the Great Export Trophy by the International Chamber of Commerce

The company was recognized in the Great Export category at the French International Chamber of Commerce’s 21st Export Trophies ceremony on December 14th, 2017 near Strasbourg, France.
By CEFA Aviation - Dec 18, 2017


The independent SME CEFA Aviation was recognized in the Great Export category at the French International Chamber of Commerce’s 21st Export Trophies (Trophées Alsace Export) ceremony on December 14th, 2017, in Mutzig near Strasbourg, France. The award recognized 17 years of a company which, since its inception, has set its sights on the world market, helping to promote Alsace in the international aeronautics industry, a sector which is both fascinating and exciting.

“This Trophy gives me the opportunity to thank all those who have helped the company grow. First, my family for their staunch support, and the whole CEFA Aviation team. We have some really talented people in Alsace, whose innovative spirit and professionalism let our image flourish on the world stage. Thank you also to all our partners and, of course, our clients who place their trust in our 3D flight data animation software and services,” a smiling Dominique Mineo said in his acceptance speech. The dynamic, compassionate entrepreneur continued: “In aeronautics, you export as a matter of course, not just to gain strength. Ever since we started out, our target market has always been the world!”

CEFA Aviation software and services are used by 80 airlines over five continents in 36 countries, from regional airlines to giants such as American Airlines, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Nippon Airways, and also investigation authorities. Export accounts for 96% of the company’s revenue and, in 2014, this figure even exceeded 98%. The company boasts an equally high international client loyalty rate of 99%. To achieve this, innovation is not merely a concept, its translates into hard figures: since 2000, the team of engineers has developed over 500,000 lines of code, all from its Alsace base! Each year, 40% of the turnover is invested in R&D. And you don’t need to be an industry giant to be strong on the export market: the company only has around ten employees.

To underline its international focus, CEFA Aviation chose the Dubai Airshow, attended by over 80,000 trade visitors, to launch a pilot training innovation in November 2017. Its press conference followed right after the Airbus conference and caused quite a stir in the international aeronautical press, boding well for future growth – on the international market, of course. With this in mind, the company is now recruiting software engineers and technicians.

CEFA Aviation also helps promote Alsace’s rich resources by inviting around forty clients and prospective clients to its Colmar headquarters for training each year. Whilst in the region, they enjoy the local food and drink and tourist attractions. Thus, the company welcomed guests from Kazakhstan and Nigeria in November, China in October, Saudi Arabia in September and Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US in June.

The key to this success? “Our values,” said Dominique Mineo. “Innovating, persevering without ever losing heart and always listening to our clients and adapting to their individual cultures.” Especially as the company has an important mission: to make the sky safer.

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