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The choice for safety of Air Astana: CEFA FAS

The number one goal of the renowned Kazakhstan’s airline is to implement the highest safety standards. Now it is using the premium software CEFA FAS. With more than 80 users, including numerous flag carriers, CEFA FAS is a proven tool to enhance flight safety. Animating flight data allows to understand better and quicker causes of flight incidents but also, for airlines’ safety departments, to better communicate to pilots and to the management.
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A leading provider of air cargo now uses CEFA FAS: Kalitta Air

The American cargo airline, headquartered in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan, operates international scheduled and ad-hoc cargo charter services for customers in the United States and around the world. To animate the data from the flight data recorders placed in the airline’s all-freighter fleet of 24 B747-400's and 5 B767-300ER' & constantly strengthen flight safety, the software CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) made the difference.

Mexico’s flagship airline enhances flight data analysis with leading animation software CEFA FAS

CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) is a software that recreates flights based on the data coming from the aircraft flight recorders, reproducing a view of the cockpit, the aircraft and its environment in 3D – among other features. It is already used by the safety and training departments of 80+ airlines and aircraft accident investigation offices on the five continents. Now the safety department of the Mexican flagship air carrier, Aeromexico, chose to place its trust in CEFA Aviation to enhance its flight analysis.

Come & meet us in Dubai, Madrid and Seattle!

Representing the 3 types of usage of our services (flight safety, pilot training and investigation), CEFA Aviation will exhibit at three major events during the next weeks. Save the dates!
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Pilot training challenges: Discover new approaches!

To share our ideas about how to take on today's pilot training challenges, we will publish with our Senior Advisor Pierre Wannaz during the next weeks some points of view in various articles every Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled! #AviationChallenges #ideas #PilotTraining #FlightSafety
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