How to cope with the global pilot shortage? How could the aviation industry use better today’s technologies to massively improve pilots’ performances? How to make the sky safer while air traffic is booming and more and more pilots need to get trained quicker and quicker?

Let’s discuss these subjects with this new blog… to make the sky safer, together!

Big data for pilots: a nice-to-have or a real game changer?

“Big data is like teenage sex"... Here is the 2nd article of Captain Pierre Wannaz proposing solutions for today's aviation challenges! Based on the concrete example of the take-off rotation rate, Pierre explains how big data could be brought to an individual level in order to improve pilots' skills. #PilotTraining #Performance #Skills #BigData
By |October 16th, 2018|BLOG|

How can we massively improve pilots’ performances with today’s technology?

Today, aviation is facing many challenges. Here is the 1st article of our modest contribution about how to take them on, beginning with the importance of an objective flight debriefing and using today's technology to improve pilots' performances. Let's discuss together to move things forward! #PilotTraining #FlightDebriefing #AviationSafety #LineTraining
By |October 9th, 2018|BLOG|

Pilot training challenges: discover new approaches!

To share our ideas about how to take on today's pilot training challenges, we will publish with our Senior Advisor Pierre Wannaz during the next weeks some points of view in various articles every Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled! #AviationChallenges #ideas #PilotTraining #FlightSafety