CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services): Replay your flights right after landing!

Objective crew debrief & immediate flight animation on pilots’ tablet

Leveraging extensive experience in flight visualization using real-world flight recorder data, CEFA Aviation has created CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services) to enable pilots and flight crews to view a re-creation of their own flights … within minutes after landing.

Now pilots can receive feedback right after landing on key segments of their flight, such as landing or takeoff, while the events of the flight are fresh in mind.

Each flight becomes a training opportunity

CEFA AMS, a breakthourgh innovation for pilot training and immediate debriefing after the flightFor the first time in the aviation industry, highly detailed flight data animation is available:

  • Right after landing
  • For each pilot
  • On all kinds of mobile tablets
  • In a quick and user-friendly way
  • Via highly secure connections
  • Whenever and wherever wanted


It is like having a mirror, reflection of your own flight


Using CEFA AMS: all benefits!

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is the launch customer of CEFA AMS. 3,000 pilots already use this innovative cloud-based mobile service since 2017 and tens of thousands of videos have been watched. Thanks to the implementation of CEFA AMS, ANA was awarded in May 2018 as “2018 Competitive Information Technology Strategy Company” by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

Ryanair is the 1st client in Europe since 2019.

What does it change in their company to use CEFA AMS? To which extent is it a revolution not only in pilot debriefing, but also for self-training, line training with instructors and trainees, and flight safety? Read their testimonials to know what these reknown airlines say about using CEFA AMS


We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.”

A NASA study showed that self-reflection of a pilot’s own performances provides a 20% improvement in comprehension compared to a traditional instructor-trainee briefing.

Flight data animation enables pilots and flight crews to debrief based on factual evidence, which leads to better understanding of flight events and their root causes. CEFA AMS facilitates knowledge exchange between crew members and allows a pilot to benchmark against his or her own performances to improve future flights.

Based on CEFA Aviation’s expertise in flight data animation and software engineering, CEFA Aviation Mobile Services will transform pilot training.

Download the flyer here.

Are you a journalist? Comprehensive information about how CEFA AMS works and how far it represents a big step further to accelerate pilots’ experience, strengthen resilience and reinforces flight safety is to be found in the press kit to be asked at the communication department.

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