A breakthrough innovation

  • With the world air traffic steady growth,
  • the increasingly competitive industry,
  • the constant need to strengthen pilots proficiency,
  • and the large number of new pilots who will be entering the workforce,

there is a tremendous need for efficient new tools to continuously improve training and flight safety at a reasonable cost.

CEFA Aviation has always been a pioneer and is committed to foresee clients needs. Hence, the company decided to develop a breakthrough innovation.

Based on CEFA Aviation expertise and know-how in flight data animation, this brand new service in based on virtual reality and adds a tremendous value to flight data.

This innovation will revolutionize pilot training and will bring numerous benefits to many different sectors of airlines.

At the same time, it is extremely easy-to-use and leverages the latest trends to capitalize on mobile services.


Enter the 4th industrial revolution with us!

Together, to build a human-centric innovation century


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